Principle of synthesis of steroids

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Other work done by Zhulian Labs led Julian's research on steroids. As early as at Dibao University, when Julian tried to separate physostigmine from galapa, he got an oil and cleaned it with acid. A few weeks later, Julian discovered that crystals appeared in the oil. Further analysis indicates that this crystallization is actually a hydrate of sterol. Sterols are chemicals that are mostly unsaturated alcohols like cholesterol; they are usually found in tissues of plants and animals. The body uses sterols to make steroid hormones, which are important in various activities of the human body and have important regulatory effects on metabolism and sexual maturity and development. The pharmaceutical industry also uses sterols to synthesize steroid hormones. In the past, people extracted steroids from the bile of animals, but in this way, it is undoubtedly expensive to get thousands of animals to kill a drug for a patient to treat a year. Julian understands that if steroids can be extracted from soybean oil, it will greatly benefit humans, but it is difficult to separate them in practice. At the time of Glyden, all of Julian’s energy was occupied by this matter.


Principle of synthesis of steroids

One day in 1940, Julian suddenly noticed that a bucket of soybean oil formed a white substance after mixing with water, which reminded him of the crystals formed in the galapa bean oil. Julian discovered a method for extracting sterols from soybean oil through further research on this oil. This method first converts the sterols into a long, empty foam which is then further separated. Later, he discovered the best way to synthesize progesterone progesterone and testosterone from soybean oil in the laboratory. Progesterone Progesterone is a hormone that is produced in large amounts during pregnancy and is mainly used to maintain the position of the uterus. Therefore, progesterone progesterone was used to prevent abortion. Progesterone progesterone was used to treat diseases of the reproductive system, such as premenstrual syndrome and irregular menstruation. In addition, it is also a component of birth control drugs. Testosterone is a male hormone that plays an important regulatory role in sexual maturation, maintenance of reproductive capacity, and sexual impulses. Prior to this, these two substances could only be extracted from a large number of testes or ovaries, or from the cholesterol in the brain and spinal cord of cattle. Therefore, Julian’s discovery is undoubtedly a huge improvement.

In 1948, researchers found that cortisone can relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Cortisone is another steroid hormone that is structurally related to progesterone progesterone and testosterone. The cortisone is secreted by the outermost cortex of the accessory kidney gland (the adrenal gland is located above the kidney). The cork body regulates the levels of sugar and salt in the body and helps the body react normally under stress. The cortisone body can alleviate the symptoms of inflammation, and is effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis caused by inflammation of the joint edge. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to purify the loose body from bile acids, and it takes tens of thousands of dollars to get an ounce of cork. Julian used the extraction of progesterone progesterone from beans as an example to prove that these useful substances can be obtained with little money. Later, Julian synthesized deoxynitol (also known as Resin (Swiss biochemist) S substance) from progesterone progesterone, the substance of which is very similar to cortisone, except The cortisone body lacks an oxygen atom. In 1952, Ap John found that the missing oxygen atoms could be added by microbiological methods, and the demand for progesterone progesterone and deoxynitol increased sharply. Julian's synthetic deoxynitol provides a simple and inexpensive treatment opportunity for many patients suffering from various diseases. Synthetic corks are also widely used to make advanced ointments for the treatment of itching caused by mosquitoes and toxic plants. In 1950, Percy Julian was elected to the Chicago annual figure, but he still had to fight against racial discrimination. Julian’s house in the white community of Chicago’s Oak Park was deliberately set on fire the day before he moved in. In order to guarantee the water supply at home, he even had to threaten to use legal means. After the Julian family moved into the community, someone threw explosives at his home, just under the window of the Julian children's bedroom. In 1951, Julian was refused to enter a private luncheon in Chicago for the famous scientists and T industry. But Julian never retreated and became an outspoken defender of the civil rights movement.